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Migratory Birds for People Programme

Migratory Birds for People Programme

The Migratory Birds for People programme consists of 20 partner wetland visitor centres across Europe and West Africa, forming a network that follows the flight path of many migratory wetland birds species.  These centres are working together to share best practice and develop new approaches to delivering wetland messages to their visitors. We have a MBP action plan and the MBP mission that will help you understand what the programme aims to do.  The lead group for the project consists of the Dutch Staatsbosbeheer, WLI, and Wetlands International. We are also working with partners across Europe and Africa, please see the contacts list for more details.

Finally, we have developed a new evaluation sheet for wetland centres, which you can find here.  It is for internal use at your centre, and is not supposed to rank your centre against others.  We hope it is a useful tool to use annually to take a look at what your centre is doing.

MBP group at Tour du Valat

MBP group at Tour du Valat

MBP annual meeting 2015

We held our MBP annual meeting at the Urdaibai Bird Center, Basque Country, Spain, from the 13th to the 16th of September 2015.  The programme included updates from wetland sites, sharing of best practice in cross border cooperation and the opportunity to see the Urdaibai Bird Center’s innovative approach to public engagement.  The meeting was open to both MBP members and external groups, as it was part-funded through the Natura 2000 Bio-geographical Region process.  A report will be available soon. See this page for more information on the presentations, discussions and outcomes of last year’s meeting, 2014.

Newsletter, coordination and meetings

Regular newsletters are produced by Roelof Heringa, one of the lead members of the project, and can be found here.  They give updates on meetings, project development, and partner news.  The core group of MBP also meet at Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands in February 2015, at their new ‘temporary’ wetland centres, a very nice visitor centre.  The group discussed short and long term aspirations for MBP, and you can see the discussion document here.  We also have a Facebook site, please ‘like’ MBP if you are interested!

Map of the  “Migratory Birds for People”- network
You may click on the map in order to enlarge it on screen.MBP flyway 141106


Migratory Birds for People_poster 2014 vers3






: See our new poster (left above, version for Naturum Getterön, Sweden) that can be tailored to your own centres – we can provide the design file (publisher) for you to add your own logo, pictures and examples, for display at your centre.  Just contact the Chris Rostron to arrange for us to send it to you.

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The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.

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