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Caesar Creek Lake Visitor Center

Caesar Creek Lake Visitor Center

Management and funding

The US Army Corps of Engineers has the ultimate responsibility for 10,550 acres of land and water at Caesar Creek Lake Project.

Caesar Creek Lake is located in portions of the southwestern Ohio counties of Warren, Clinton and Greene. The Visitor Center, Dam and Emergency Spillway are located in northeastern Warren County, near Waynesville, Ohio.

Caesar Creek is the deepest lake in Ohio, with a normal water depth of 115 feet near the dam. The shoreline of the lake, including inlets and bays, is 40 miles long.


Construction of the project began in October of 1971, and water impoundment started in 1978. The dam is an earth and rock filled embankment 2,750 feet long and 165 feet high. An emergency spillway located southeast of the dam was constructed as an outlet for severe flood waters.

Lake level is controlled by a series of multilevel gates in the outlet structure which permits control of water quantity and quality downstream from the dam.


The project includes 2,830 acres of water and 7,720 acres of land.


Key species/features

The Caesar Creek Lake Wetland Restoration Project began as a result of an agreement between Fish and Wildlife (FWS) and The Corps of Engineers.

At Caesar Creek Lake this agreement has led to the construction of a four acre demonstration wetland. Support and planning was also provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife and Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The demonstration wetland now acts as a prototype for private landowners who want to get involved in the Fish and Wildlife cost share program.

In 1990, the Caesar Creek Lake Wetland Restoration Project brought together five agencies, a private contractor, and numerous volunteers. That project resulted in a ten acre wetland/prairie complex. This Project has served as a stepping stone for further wetland construction at Caesar Creek Lake.

In 1993 a meeting was held between the Corps, the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and the Ohio Department of Parks to discuss wetland development and restoration.

Potential sites were ranked based on soil type, watershed size, adjacent land use, potential wetland size, presence of wetland vegetation, and compatability with long and short range Operational Plans. The final sites were then selected by a mult–disciplinary team with representatives from Warren County Soil Conservation Service (SCS), the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Corps.

The SCS began engineering and drawing plans for the necessary construction at three identified wetland sites. A total of three wetland/prairie complexes (approximately 30 acres) had begun. The final archaeological survey report was completed in July. Construction began in mid-October 1994.

In 1995 two additional wetland complexes were completed. One 25 acre and the other is 15 acres. Naturally occuring wetland sites in the area include an additional 60 acres of wet woods which include over 25 vernal ponds.


Caesar Creek Lake offers a Class A Visitor Center, 40 miles of hiking trails, picnic sites, fishing platforms, restrooms, four reservable shelters, a beach, campground, two day use areas and several recreational parking lots.

Land surrounding the operational structures is managed for multiple purposes including recreation, fish and wildlife, aesthetics and forestry.

Water safety is a year round campaign in the Caesar Creek region. Programs are given at schools, libraries, various civic organisations and to the general public.

Interpretation and exhibitry

The Visitor Center offers a wide variety of displays and presentations covering a variety of topics including wildlife, wetlands, fossils and construction of the dam.

Visitor Center hours are normally 8.00-4.00 Monday to Friday and 8.30-5.00 Saturday and Sunday.

Informal (general public) learning

Caesar Creek Lake offers many programs throughout the year. Please contact the Visitor Center for a schedule or visit


Caesar Creek Lake offers Project Wet and Project Wild courses (minimum of 10 people). Call 513-897-1050 to set up.


The Visitor Center provides two permanent Park Rangers and three summer hires, a Park Manager and Office Administrator.


Kim Baker, Staff Ranger

Caesar Creek Lake, 4020 N. Clarksville Road, Waynesville, Ohio 45068 USA

T: 513-897-1050

E: Kimberly,

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