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Aqua Ferskvands Aqvarium

Aqua Ferskvands Aqvarium


AQUA was inaugurated in 1993 as a non traditional ‘inside-out’ aquarium which takes you to the bottom of lakes and streams.


An ‘inside out’ aquarium which takes you to the bottom of streams and lakes. The circular AQUA building is placed in a number of big outdoor aquarium lakes and the visitor can watch the freshwater life at close range through large landscape windows.


Interpretation and exhibitry

Supplementary to its outdoor lakes, AQUA offewrs a number of indoor activities – e.g. a special exhibition presenting aquaria with darkness of the night, varying exhibitions, touch tank (where fish can be actually touched), special aquaria inside the building, a lab with micro/macro scanners, and microscopes presenting water insects.

AQUA’s beautiful park near the Silkeborg lakes presents lakes and enclosures with lots of plants, birds, otters and beavers.


Erik Hofmeister


Lars Nygard (Warden)

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