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WLI Russia

WLI Russia

Enisey River, Khakassia

Russia is a vast country with a huge diversity of cultures, terrain and biodiversity.  Running from the European side of the Urals, there are links with the Baltic sea and partners in Scandinavia and eastern Europe, whilst the far east of the country has more links with China, Japan and South Korea. Wetland centres and public involvement in Nature are not hugely developed, but there is enormous potential for developing these approaches, and making wildlife and wetlands more accessible to people. Lead partners in developing WLI Russia include the Baltic Fund for Nature in the Saint Petersburg area, Wetlands Internatinal Russia, the Muraviovka Park in Amur region, and the Khakassky nature reserve, also in eastern Russia.  These partners are working together to expand the network and develop CEPA (Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness) materials in Russian.

Working with partners at Smolensk Wetlands, there will be a WLI workshop at their forthcoming launch event in late October 2014.  See the workshop details here.

In early May 2013 we worked with Wetlands International and the Baltic Fund for Nature to hold two workshops on wetland centres in Russia, firstly at Olonets, North of St Petersburg, and secondly at the Park of Birds, Kaluga Region, just oustide Moscow.  To find out more, see the workshop web page.

Contact us For more information on how you can get invovled in the WLI Russia programme, please contact Evgeny Genelt-Yanovskiy of the Baltic Fund for Nature, or WLI Global

The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.


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