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Fundación Kennedy at Algarrobo, Chile

the Kennedy Foundation celebrated the International Day of Wetlands in two locations; Algarrobo and Catapilco. This year it developed different activities with the children of the two places. In Algarrobo, children of the “Carnations” Summer School attend daily during the summer season, while their parents work in the spa. The teacher in charge of this group of children said “For children it is important to understand from living in a small  tourist place, where people from other places come to enjoy its beaches and nature, so it is important to raise their awareness from an early age to cultivate awareness and a desire to protect the place in which they live “

This is why we developed educational activities together such as lectures outdoors where we could learn while looking at wetland species with binoculars at El Membrillo . We then gave a talk related to the recognition of species and their defining features. Then we used sheets of bird pictures where one side was the photo of the bird, and reverse its common and scientific names. It was an entertaining and educational. We also raffled caps, sweatshirts and educational guides to birds, plants and insects. The last activity was what we call a “Minga Cleaning” in which all went to visit the mouth of the wetland and the its shores in order to pick up rubbish we found. Afterwards, the rubbish was separated for recycling.

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