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Kushiro International Wetland Centre, Japan

On Feb 2, 2013 commemorating WWD of this year, we held a field tour to the lake in Kushiro Wetland.  Our facility is called Kushiro International Wetland Centre, based in the north of Japan. The tour was carried out in the middle of a severe winter day, but twenty four local people joined us and visited Lake Toro, one of the lakes in the Ramsar site.  The weather was turned from cloudy to fine, and the outside temperature went below minus 5. The lake was covered with snow, but its surface was frozen with some 70 cm of ice, so we could walk around the lake freely.  On the lake the participants observed the snow and the ice piled in many layers.  With the explanation of the course guide, they understood the process of the formation of the piled ice on the surface.  Crossing the lake they reached the other side of the lake and found the spring water pouring into the lake. In spite of the freezing air temperature, the spring water was not so cold, and we saw a shoal of small fishes in the shallows of the lake.  After we finished the trekking, we enjoyed the fried fish caught in the lake as garnish of our lunch box.  After lunch we reviewed what we found during the trekking tour and played the experiment games together.

As we did last year, Kushiro International Wetland Centre celebrated WWD, and organized field tours for local people.  The participants enjoyed the wonderful nature in the wetland and experienced the new findings of the nature and animals in the wetland.  The tour of this year just gave us the chance to celebrate the “Wetlands care for water” theme of WWD 2013.

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