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International Birds Day, Smolensk, Russia

On April 1st, the International Birds Day (in Russia this holiday is celebrated since 1927) students of the 7-8 forms of Przhevalskaya secondary school were told about rare birds living in the swamps and activities on the project «Preservation and restoration of rare birds species populations living in the wetlands of the National Park «Smolensk Lakeland», which was supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia) and implemented in 2012.

In conclusion, the students were shown a film by Sergei Makhov «To Every Bird Its Own Nest» about a famous Belarusian ornithologist Ivanovskiy V.V. and his experience in building nests for rare birds species.

On April 2-nd, pupils of the 3rd form had an opportunity to guess “who is who” during the workshop «Birds’ Voices in Spring». Children could get acquainted with the variety of birds living in the village and learn to distinguish them by voices.

The workshop was organized by ornithologist of the national Park, candidate of biological Sciences, Marina V. Sidenko.

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