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The second ornithological expedition to the Federal Zoological Reserve «Remdovsky»

Under the framework of  the transboundary territories studies and as part of the preparation of the Atlas “Nesting Birds of European Russia” the second ornithological expedition to the Federal Zoological Reserve “Remdovsky” has been held in Pskov region.

The Federal Zoological Reserve «Remdovsky» is located on the territory of Pskov and Gdov administrative districts of the Pskov region. It is a part of “Pskovsko-Chudskaya Lowland”, and occupies an area of 74712 ha. Protection of the Reserve is managed by our colleagues at the National Park «Sebezhsky».

During the expedition, with the participation and assistance of the national Park «Sebezhsky» staff, a survey of rare birds species was carried out, including identificatin of nesting bird species and a survey of nests.  The group also, checked the occupation of  three previously identified nests of white-tailed eagles and one osprey nest.

Interesting discoveries were made during this expedition: 7 previously unkown osprey  nests, Pandion haliaetus (5 of them inhabited), 3 nesting places of black-throated divers – Gavia arctica, and 2 broods of great grey shrikes – Lanius excubitor. All of these species are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

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