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Institute for the Conservation of Ecosystems – ICEA, Bolivia

Institute for the Conservation of Ecosystems – ICEA

Name of the centre: Institute for the Conservation of Ecosystems – ICEA, Bolivia

Organisation’s name: Institute for the Conservation of Ecosystems – ICEA, Bolivia

Financial support:

Fundación Avina Bolivia- UNDP

Staff: 5

Number of visitors per year: 150

Main objectives of the Centre

To support the management and conservation of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands of Bolivia, with especial attention on Protected Areas and Ramsar Sites, proposing alternatives for Climate Change adaptation.


Three main successes

1. Indicative wetland policies projects

2. Association of water cooperatives projects

3. Discussions and Learning about wetlands and about the Ramsar Convention

Three main challenges

1. To train communicators

2. Social networking

3. Analysing management instruments

Interpretation techniques

Creation of interpretation signs; site information

Visitors Centre

Visitors centre management


Engaging young people

Education and communication

Lobbying / Campaigns for different causes


Projects planning 

Arturo Moscoso V.

Calle Sucre No. 332,


591-3347574 -591-3347546

Skype: artmoscoso


Bolivia ICEA

Web site

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