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WWD 2014 Smolensk Lakeland

Wetland Day in Smolensk Lakeland

smolensk WWD drawingStaff of the National Park ” Smolensk Lakeland ” hosted several events dedicated to this event. Their goal: to raise awareness of the local population on Wetlands, the uniqueness of these ecosystems, and to draw public attention to the problems of wetlands.  Chief Specialist  for Media cooperation Evgeny Bogdanov was interviewed on regional radio on World Wetlands Day, about the Ramsar Convention, and the status of the unique wetlands and their conservation.  For pupils of class 6 of Przhewalskoy School deputy director of the park for environmental education and tourism, Venera Astakhova, showed a computer presentation on wetlands of the world, Russian wetlands and wetlands of NP “Smolensk Lakeland.”

In the “Sun” Methodist kindergarten of environmental education Irina Kunguryakova led the environmental game: “Who lives in the swamp smolensk WWD lecturetussock?”  Pupils of kindergarten pasted images of plants and animals that grow in the swamp on the drawn tussok, and then painted origami frogs prepared for them in advance and held a competition “Whose frog jumps on?”.

Marina Sidenko, ornithologist, leading researcher of the National Park, PhD, organized an environmental lesson “Fascinating world of bogs ” for pupils grades 4-5 . Marina Vasil’evna presented an exhibition of her photos of bogs of the Park to the children, showed a video about the project on the hanging of artificial nests for birds of prey in the largest bog of Smolensk Lakeland – Vervizhskiy moss. And then there was a competition for the best artistic image of the swamp.  All participants received a souvenir stickers with symbols of national park, magnets, booklets and leaflets about wetlands.

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