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Last updated: September 10th, 2021

 Wetland-Centres-HandbookWLI N. America Webinar II - Handbook on Best Practice for Wetland Education Centres

30th July 2014, 1pm to 3pm (Eastern Time)

The recent production of a Handbook dedicated to best practices at Wetland Education Centres by the Ramsar Convention and ERF (Environmental Ecosystems Research Foundation, South Korea) with support from WLI offers a great resource for all those planning, running or wanting to improve their wetland centres.  This webinar aimed to introduce the Handbook, using some case studies from across the North America Region, explore the contents of the Handbook, and discuss how it can best be used by wetland centre staff and volunteers.

The Webinar was free to attend, and we welcomed around 60 participants during the presentations.  See below for the detailed programme, and if you are interested to hear the presentations themselves, along with the powerpoint visuals, then please click here.


1.00 – 1.10 - Introduction to the Webinar and how to get the most from it, Brenda Zollitsch, ASWM

1.10 – 1.30 Summary of the development of the wetland center handbook, Chris Rostron, WLI / Nathalie Bays, OHM

Chris Rostron (WLI) and Nathalie Bays (Oak Hammock Marsh, Canada) were both involved in developing the Handbook at a week long workshop in South Korea.  They explained the background, contents and aims of the resource.

1.30 – 1.50 Master-planning for wetland centers, Marie Banks, WWT Consulting

Oak Hammock Marsh © Natalie Bays

Oak Hammock Marsh © Natalie Bays

Getting the first steps of planning a wetland center are vital if you are to create a centre that functions well, communicates effectively, and works financially.  Working out who is your audience, where the centre should be build, impacts on the wetland setting and where your funding will come from are essential.  WWT Consulting has many years experience, and Marie talked about how this process works best.

1.50- – 2.10, Running programmes at Wetland Centers, Katelin Frase, Environmental Concern

Environmental Concern has been running for several decades, delivering education and conservation programmes to a wide range of audiences.  Katelin drew on their experience to talk about how to plan, deliver and evaluate programmes.

2.10-2.30 - Financial planning and resourcing, Nathalie Bays, Oak Hammock Marsh, Canada.

Without a sound business plan, fund-raising strategy and good financial systems, even the best intentioned of centres can fail.  Funding, particularly for ongoing activities, can be hard to find.  Nathalie talked about some basic approaches, pitfalls to avoid and suggestions for maximising your income-generating activities.

2.30-3.00 - Discussion – best practice in planning and management of wetland centers (all)

- Do we need a North America-specific version?

- Accessing the handbook – Web? Hard copy? How best to distribute it

- Other questions and suggestions for future versions and content

3.00 - Close

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