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Smolensk and WLI Russia event, October 2014

For those involved in WLI Russia, you may be interested in attending the event planned for the 24th and 25th of October 2014.  Smolensk are launching their newly refurbished centre, and taking the opportunity to discuss how the WLI Russia network can develop with key partners.  To register your interest, please contact Dmitri Belyaev.  Accommodation, food and local transport from Smolensk to Baklanovoa are provided for a small fee of $53 or €40.  The program of the seminar “Russian network of educational centers of wetlands: Prospects of Development ” is as follows:

24th of October

Till 11-00 a.m. participants’ arrival, registration.  12-00 a.m. opening of the visitor center, a welcome by the Director of the National Park “Smolensk Lakeland” A.S. Kochergin, welcome speeches of guests, the presentation of the Centre

1-00a.m.-2am lunch

2-00 p.m. hike along the ecotrail “Around the Lakeland”

3-00 p.m. Roundtable for members of the Russian network WLI (presentations by participants on the themes:

1. Educational wetland Centers of Russia; 2. Smolensk Lakeland wetlands; 3. Prospects for the development of educational wetlands centers of Russia; 4. Presentation of Belyaev D.A. about the prospects of theWetland Center of Smolensk Lakeland; 5. Sidenko M .V. about rare birds of bogs of national park “Smolensk Lakeland”; 6. Hohriakov V.R. about monitoring and status of wetlands of Smolensk Lakeland

7-00 p.m. dinner, 8-00 p.m. evening communion, sauna

 25th of October

9-00 a.m. breakfast

10-00 a.m. trip to the Elshanskoye lake for bird watching.  12-00 sightseeing tour around the National Park (Sapsho lake – Chistik lake – Rytoye lake – Baklanovskoye lake)

2-00 p.m. lunch

3-00 p.m. hike along the “Swamp trail”

5-00 p.m. departure

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