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Russian visit to WWT Slimbridge

Baltic Fund for Nature at WWT

Baltic Fund for Nature at WWT

Colleagues from the Baltic Fund for Nature (BFN), based in St Petersburg, visited WWT Slimbridge, UK, part of their annual migration!  They met with me to discuss WLI and joint projects that we are working on, as well as to visit the wetland centres itself.  Whilst they were here, they also met with colleagues involved in monitoring Bewick’s swans.  The swan population was one of the main reasons that WWT was set up at Slimbridge, where some of them spend the winter, and have been monitored for many decades.

Our colleagues Julia Newth and Eileen Rees are working with partners along the flyway to engage local communities in naming some of the swans.  This is an excellent way to encourage better understanding of the swans and their conservation.  We hope that BFN will help us to find some interested schools that can help us name two swans that currently are not named.


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