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From 28 to 29 September for the second time a scientific and practical seminar on Wetlands “Environmental awareness on wetlands: forms and methods” took place at the Center for Environmental Education “Baklanovo,”of the national park “Smolensk Lakeland”.  At this time the participants of the event were representatives of six Protected Areas – Zubova Maria, head of the Environmental Education of Darwin Reserve, Pecheritsa Alena, a specialist in environmental education of Polistovsky Reserve, Chirkova Elena, a specialist in public relations of Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, Samoilova Marina, the methodologist of department of scientific and information support and environmental education of Nenetsky reserve, Chernikov Anna, head of environmental education of Kronotsky reserve, Tropina Maria, the


methodologist of department of environmental education, recreation and tourism, and Fedin Valery, Chief Specialist of the Department of National Park “Ugra”. In addition, the seminar was attended by Ksalova Natalia, Head of the management of protected areas and environmental education of Directorate of protected areas of the Smolensk region, Olga Petrova and Dmitry Zamkovsky – teachers of the Western Dvina Technological College and our regular partners from non-profit partnership “Birds and People” – Julia Gorelova, the Director and coordinator of environmental programs Blagovidov Alexey. Also, the seminar was attended by employees of the scientific department of our national park.

DSCN2635The seminar discussed the problems and prospects of the creation and development of educational wetland centers, methods and techniques of environmental education in them, wetlands topics in the departments of environmental education, as well as ways of studing and conservation of wetlands.

On the final day of the event participants familiarized themselves with the territory of “Smolensk Lakeland”, visited the bog Kolpitsky moss, on which is planned to create an ecotrail dedicated to the bogs of Smolensk Lakeland. Great interest of the guests of the seminar was aroused by wetland center of our national park, which was opened in the last year. On the tour, guests visited the park ecotrail “In the realm of the brown bear”, visited the observation deck overlooking


the lake Sapsho, drank water from the Saint spring of Seraphim of Sarov, and, of course, with great interest visited the aviary with Przewalski horses.

According to the results of the seminar a resolution was adopted calling for the development of cooperation between the PAs and other organizations in environmental education on wetlands. We hope that this seminar will become traditional, and participation in the seminar guests even from such remote areas as the Nenetsky and the Kronotsky Nature Reserves shows the interest in the topic and the importance of preserving wetlands throughout Russia.

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