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Bid for EU Life Communication project?

EU logoThe latest MBP core group meeting took place in the Oostvaardersplassen. One of the subjects was a joint project with possible LIFE funding. Partaker in the meeting was Wim van Hooff, expert in the field of European funding acquisition. He made unequivocally clear that LIFE funding starts from a good problem definition. In the presentation he missed this focus. At the same time the MBP network is valuable and can be a good basis for a joint EU project in which some centers may participate.

Following this meeting, a consultation was held with Kees de Lange, Perry Cornelissen and Hans Breeveld (all Staatsbosbeheer, Oostvaardersplassen). It was brought forward that from the Staatsbosbeheer point of view there is a need to improve the relationship between research from universities and institutes as well as to improve sharing the results of research and investigations within the network and with visitors to the centre. The lack of understanding of this data means a lower support and understanding of the value and quality of the Oostvaardersplassen. In close consultation with Staatsbosbeheer we will now consider whether this problem/issue can form the basis for a good project with some MBP- partners. The first step is to describe the initial contours of such a project and to seek appropriate support.

For more information please contact Theo de Bruin, Staatsbosbeheer, NL

(to be continued)

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