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Mysterious mountains of mud, Salinas de San Pedro, Spain



The common flamingos are again standing next to some curious mud structures, leaving us a new question and an open door to hope.  They are small mountains of mud on water or sand, like a volcano that flamingos build with their peak for about 3 weeks. A few years ago they were seen in the north of the Regional Park, near the hamlet of El Mojon; however, this time it had been discovered in the first salt ponds, close to the road that leads to the port. And coinciding with the breeding time, big groups of flamingos are concentrated around these curious nests.

The lack of space and the nuisance caused by some visitors and overflying aircraft, seem had made egg-laying and breeding of flamingos impossible in the past. But discovering these possible nests have led us to ask ourselves, are these results of a new breeding attempt? Is it part of any education from parents to children for when they breed? Or is it simple reproductive instinct that begins to emerge in LOGO MBP1young flamingos?  We hope to be able to solve the mystery in upcoming newsletters.

Contact : Teresa López Aledo, Dirección General de Medio Ambiente -Consejería de Presidencia de la Región de Murcia


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