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LeeuwardenProject: “The Black-tailed Godwit – King of the meadows”

In the context of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018 a bid for an Erasmus grant is requested in which Staatsbosbeheer Terschelling also participates. The Godwit features as a symbol for the preservation of bio-cultural diversity in Europe. At our request the Spoonbill has been added as an indicator for good wetland management. Part of the program is a communication and education project in which students and young managers travel with the birds and hereby utilize visitors centres of the “Migratory Birds for People”- network inthe breeding and wintering areas and along the migration route. If a positive decision is made, the project can be further developed with interested centers in France, Portugal, Spain and possibly also African countries.

For more information, contact Freek Zwart, Staatsbosbeheer Terschelling (NL), Tel: +31-562-446494 / Mob.: +31-653340052

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