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Autumn Ecological school “Wetland keepers”

Wetland keepers workshop, Smolensk

Wetland keepers workshop, Smolensk

On 16-21 November Ecological school “Wetland keepers” was held in National Park “Smolenskoe poozerie”. It was organized by NGO ‘Birds& People’ and Department of ecological education of the National Park. The participants were the members of school forestry “Forest Guard” of Kovalev Technological College (Zapadnaya Dvina).

The program related to the forest and its inhabitants and was designed specifically for the forestry school: they studied the forests around Baklan Lake, determined the species of birds and animals through the traces of activity, learned to recognize trees and bushes without leaves, described the biotops, studied how the dendrofilic insects hibernate, collected Polypores (tinder fungi). The survey of collecting and determination of Polypores was very useful for the Scientific Section of the Park and the results will be used to upgrade the list of that group of fungi.

Wetland keepers workshop

Wetland keepers workshop

During the week ecostudents listened to the lectures, worked both in the field and in labs, summarized the results as a computer presentations under the guideness of the teachers. The ecoschool finished with the scientific conference, opened by National Park “Smolenskoe poozerie” director A.S.Kochergin.

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