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New Russian natural reserve being created

Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Marshland

Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Marshland

NGO ‘Birds & People’ is taking part in making a new state natural reserve on Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Marshland (Boloto), which covers 1,5 million hectares – equal to a third of the territory of Denmark.

Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Marshland (Boloto) the biggest wetland system of the northern hemisphere, it accumulates 3-10 mln tons of carbon dioxide, produces 1,5-4 mln tons of oxygen in a year, stays a reservoir for 400 km3 of fresh water, source for more than 20 rivers of Ob’ and Irtish basin. It’s a habitat for many rare species of animals and plants, base for migrating birds. Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Boloto included in perspective list of the UNICEF World Nature Heritage.

NGO ‘Birds& People’ prepare the documentation for the natural reserve, works on coordination and approval of those documents by the local authorities and other related organizations, gathering info for the ecological expertise.

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