ABC Tota – the first virtual visitor centre!

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Last updated: April 24th, 2019

a man walking among grass

Lago de Tota

ABC Tota is the new virtual Wetland Centre for Lake Tota in Colombia, just launched by the Fundación Montecito. Lake Tota, "the lake in the clouds", is the largest lake in the country located 3,015 m high in the tropical Andes. So far this is an online service, but this year work will begin on a physical site to create a venue for visitors on the lake's shore (first with Hostel Xieti and shortly after with a location to deliver educational and cultural activities). It is the first and only approach of this type for Lake Tota and its páramo (a wetland ecosystem), and as far as we are concerned it is also the first in the country.

We decided to call it "ABC" willing to transmit from its name our purpose to offer an A to Z platform to learn and connect with this wetland. It is also based on the indigenous (muisca) ancestral meaning for lake's name "Tota".

This online stage has been developed with the support from volunteers, especially from Jente Mork a young volunteer from Germany who worked for nearly 11 months in a broad variety of tasks, you can find an interview with her on the website. Please keep tuned for news, and if you ever get the chance to visit a wetland lake in the Andes tropical clouds surrounded by páramos - that unique ecosystem only found in 6 countries worldwide - then Lake Tota should be an option and we are ready to help.

For more information, please contact Felipe Velasco of the Fundación Montecito.