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Flight of the Swans returns

Swan silhouettes, window at WWT Slimbridge

Swan Silhouettes, Window at WWT Slimbridge

The Flight of the Swans (FotS for short) has been an epic expedition, with Sacha Dench flying by paramotor the length of the Bewick’s swan flyway, through 10 countries over 10 weeks.  Sacha and the team held events with local groups and supported scientific and research meetings too.  She met with several WLI members and took part in schools and community events, bringing people together to discuss the issues facing migratory birds, particularly the swans.

The project also resulted in practical outcomes such as a film produced by Danish hunters on alternatives to lead shot (a poison when ingested by wild birds), and an agreement between paramotorist groups and conservationists in Belgium, agreeing a no-fly zone over wetlands at certain times of the year.


Sacha with tripod, photo: Hans Joachim

Sacha with tripod, photo: Hans Joachim

You can see the final event, which summarises the achievements and is available on the Flight of the Swans facebook site.  We will also produce a report and a final film on the expedition, which will be available in the new year.  Welcome home Sacha and the crew, and thanks to all the local and international partners that made this project such as success.

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