WLI Americas webinar, 2016

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Last updated: September 10th, 2021

Tagging horse-shoe crabs. Credit Laura Chamberlin

This webinar was aimed at those working in wetland or environmental education and engagement within the Americas, held by Wetland Link International (WLI) Americas Network and the Association of State Wetland Managers.  The focus of this webinar was on moving stakeholders from passive interest to active engagement in wetland outreach, protection and preservation.  Presentations shared engagement practices and lessons learned on various aspects of environmental engagement at wetland sites, including case studies from WLI partners in North, Central and South America.

Presenter: Chris Rostron, Wetland Link International, UK

Presenter: Laura Chamberlain, Community Engagement Coordinator, WHSRN

Presenter: Jaime Torres, Estero del Salado, Mexico

Presenter: Patricio Guerrero, Agrupación Defensa y Conservación Maule Mataquito / REDALES: Red Centros de humedales Latinoamérica y El Caribe, Chile

To see the webinar, please click on this link.