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WMBD at Naturum Takern, Sweden


Connecting Schools and Birds along the East Atlantic Flyway 11th may 2017

Naturum Tåkern and Fridtjuvberg school, Ödeshög, Sweden.

On Thursday the 11th may, children from grade 5 in Fridtjuvberg school, Ödeshög municipality took part in the event “Connecting Schools and Birds along the East Atlantic Flyway, organized by Migratory Birds for people network (MBP).

We met at 9.30 am and talked about migratory birds, their need for resting places for example wetlands as Lake Tåkern. We also

Takern hide

Takern hide

saw the trailer for WMBD 2017. Then, the children got binoculars, learned how to use them and then we went out to experience the birds in the different habitats of Lake Tåkern: meadow, reeds, open water and forest.

Over the water, at the small breeding islands and on the meadow we saw barn swallow, marsh harrier, common tern, thousands of black headed gull and also lapwing and common snipe. We also saw families of greylag geese with goslings.

In the reed we heard great bittern, bearded reedling and also heard reed warbler – a migratory bird that just arrived from West Africa.

In the forest, willow warbler was the most common bird. We also heard chaffinch. The guide Malin told that the robin is also very common.

takern video

takern video

After the guided tour outdoors, the children worked with answering the questions in English and prepare themselves to speak in English in front of the camera.

We did some practising, and then made the 2 minutes’ film in front of a phone camera. The children had a quick lunch, hot dogs, and Malin published the film on Instagram first, later on Youtube.

At 1 pm, we had a skype meeting with other schools along the flyway, Urdaibai in Spain (Basque counry) and Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. Also Biodiversum Remerschem in Luxembourg and Terschelling in the Netherlands took part in the event, and made short films. Chris Rostron, Head of Wetland Link International and chairman of MBP network acted as moderator. It was a great experience, a challenge and exciting to work together with the same questions as children along the flyway. We look forward to keep contact!

Malin Granlund Feldt, Manager and nature guide, Naturum Tåkern visitor center, Sweden


Film on Youtube:



Malin Granlund Feldt

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