Connecting wetland centres across the world

Connecting Schools and Birds 2017

Connecting Schools and Birds in the East Atlantic Flyway

On Thursday the 11th of May, MBP’s Connecting Birds and Schools project took place, with pupils from across seven schools in Europe and West Africa visiting their local wetlands, and preparing a report on migratory birds.  they visited sites at: Lake Takern, Sweden; Oostvaardersplasse and Terschelling, the Netherlands; Biodiversum Remerschem, Luxembourg; Urdaibai, the Basque Country; Sidi Moussa-Oualidia Morocco; Diawling National Park, Mauritania.  Three of these schools joined Chris Rostron, Head of WLI, on the 11th May to discuss their findings and show the videos that they had prepared. 

Montorre school visited Urdaibai wetland centre, and gave us information on their most important migratory birds, particularly the osprey, and discussed the breeding and monitoring programme that take place.

Young bird watchers in Morocco

Young bird watchers in Morocco

The Swedish School visited Lake Takern, and watched birds as well as making observations of the habitat.  The Dutch school visited Oostvaardersplasse and saw barnacle geese and swans, and discussed the importance of maintaining good habitat and protecting reserves.  You can see the conclusion of the webinar here.

The pupils, their teachers and the staff at the wetland centres were all very excited to take part in this project to mark World Migratory Bird Day, and hope to do so again next year. They are also planning to maintain contact with each other and exchange information.

Naturum Tåkern and Fridtjuvberg school, Ödeshög, Sweden.

On Thursday the 11th may, children from grade 5 in Fridtjuvberg school, Ödeshög municipality met at 9.30 am and talked about migratory birds, their need for resting places for example wetlands such as Lake Tåkern. They also saw the trailer for WMBD 2017. Then, the children got binoculars, learned how to use them and then we went out to experience the birds in the different habitats of Lake Tåkern.  We prepared a short video and took part in the video conference with other schools.  You can see the whole report here.  You can see our video on youtube here.

Drawing of different birds

Drawing of different birds

Diawling, and schools from Ziré Sbeikhat and Ziré Taghrédient

Event held at Diawling to give students the opportunity to visit the site, and teach them some bird watching skills, as well as talk about the importance of migration routes.  The team also took the time to highlight the impacts hunting and poaching.  You can find out more at their post (in French only, but nice pictures!)

School group visit

School group visit

Ecological Information Centre of l’Oualidia, Morocco

From the 7th to the 11th of May the centre held various activities, including school visits to the centre, an educational visit to a local school in Oualidia, and an ornithological field trip.  You can find out more in this excellent short report (French).


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