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Norway launches Ramsar map solution

Akersvika ramasr site, cr: Gunnar Kjaerstad

Akersvika ramasr site, cr: Gunnar Kjaerstad

On the occasion of the world’s wetland day 2 February, the Environment Directorate launches a map solution for Norway’s 63 Ramsar areas. These internationally valuable wetland areas are important for both climate and biodiversity. As wetlands and climate change is the main theme of the world’s wetland day this year, we should remember that raised bogs and other peatlands are the world’s largest carbon stocks on land. Peatlands account for only three per cent of the world’s land area, but store twice as much carbon as the world’s forests. In a climate context, it is very important that the carbon is bound in the peat, and not released into the atmosphere as CO2. You can find out more about Norway’s initiative at their website.

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