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Ecological Information Centre of Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex

Ecological Information Centre of Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex

Centre d'acceuil

Organisation Name 

GREOPM ‘Research group for the protection of birds in Morocco’

Number of staff


Number of visitors (annual)

More than 920 schoolchildren with their teachers, associations and ornithologists in addition to individuals (since its opening in July 2016)

Session pédagogique

The key goals of the centre

1/Sensitize the public to the heritage and socio-economic importance of Moroccan wetlands in general and those of the Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex in particular.

2/Provide educational institutions with tools to illustrate Life and Earth Sciences courses.

Key CEPA activitiesSession pédagogique

Visits to the Information Centre

– Exhibition: guided or free visit
– Audio-visual presentations with commentary
– Oral presentations
– Guided/controlled games for children
– Bird documentation

2/Guided tours of the wetlands of the Oualidia lagoon and surrounding wetlands.

– Guided observations of ecosystem components and functioning
– Identification of components of heritage and socio-economic value
– Identification of threats to the identified values
– Group discussion on various aspects of the visit
– Bird watching in their natural habitats.
– Winter census of waterbirds.
– Regular monitoring of waterbirds.

3/Travelling exhibition

These are exhibitions designed on free and light supports, which can be transported to various institutions in the region (mainly school/university). They can focus on the “Wetlands of Morocco” or the “Birds of Morocco”.


– Organisation of training/internships in various environmental themes.
– Leading seminars organised by Partners: World Wetlands Day, International Waterbirds and Wetlands Days, etc.
– Hosting of summer thematic exhibitions (occupying the external space of the IF): travelling exhibition on “Biodiversity of Morocco”, designed by AMAB, CNRST and the British Council; Paintings related to Nature, etc.
– Organization of regional competitions related to the conservation of wetlands, birds, biodiversity, etc.

Interpretation techniques

Use of audiovisual toolsLes jeunes ornithologues

Communication and Education 

Early childhood education; Adult education; Working with primary schools; Working with secondary and primary schools 

Abdelhak FAHMI, Commune Territoriale de l’Oualidia, Centre de l’Oualidia. Mail, Morocco.

Mobile: 212.662016899 

Website :

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