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UKUMARI Biopark ecoguides

At the UKUMARI Biopark, the local children who are responsible for the protection of the biopark’s ecosystems held a special and joyful celebration event for World Wetlands Day. With the biologists of the research centre, they are preparing to be the guides for visitors to the park, and doing it with great responsibility. Everyone is felt very proud to act as the godparents of the park, and every day their commitment gets stronger, because wetlands are the source of life.

En ulUkumarí celebramos el día de los humedales.

Nuestro trabajo es lograr que las nuevas generaciones sean apasionados por cuidar la naturaleza.

Posted by Sandra Milena Correa Montoya on Sunday, 2 February 2020
A message from the ecoguide of UKUMARI

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