30 Ideas: bug repellent station

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Last updated: April 14th, 2021

In 2021 we are marking 30 years of WLI cooperation by sourcing 30 neat ideas from WLI members. Today we hear from Shenzhen, China.

Title: bug spray station


Mosquitos and other bugs can deter people from visiting wetland centres. Some repellent can be harmful to freshwater systems. Therefore, at Futian Mangrove Ecological Park in Shenzhen, China, visitors are encouraged to apply repellent at the park entrance. Applying repellent at the park entrance but not inside the park will prevent damage to the park ecosystem, while also providing sufficient protection to visitors. The staff at the Mangrove Foundation also built an attractive shelf, made of invasive tree wood, to hold the bottle of bug spray on a string. Visitors are encouraged to use it free of charge.

Spray bottle of green liquid

Learning and conservation outcomes: awareness of pollution risk

Audience: all visitors

Cost: low

Key themes: comfort; pollution; adaptation

Equipment/resources required: wood-working; crimping tools; security string and bottle; continuing supply of repellent.

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