Besøkssenter Våtmark Nordre Øyeren – Norway (Henning Flørenes)

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Last updated: February 14th, 2023

Wetland trips into Nordre Øyeren nature reserve for 7th graders

This fall we have had nearly 300 7th graders out in our local nature reserve participating in our program with focus on migratory birds and biodiversity in the wetlands.

Activity quiz on the way back_1080

The students got to borrow binoculars during the excursion to spot the variety of migratory birds that reside here. Along the trail towards a bird watching tower, we stopped various places to look at tracks from local wildlife, for example beavers. The nature reserve is home to several beaver families which means there are lots of tracks and traces from their activity.

Children found a big catepillar_1080

During the trip we also went through some of the common traits of some migratory birds, and they also had an activity where they were going to search for different species of vegetation and wildlife to tie it into the biodiversity that can be found here.

Nice view for birdwatching

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