EVOA – Portugal (Sandra Paiva)

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Last updated: July 4th, 2023

MBP Annual Meeting – 2 - 5th October at EVOA (Portugal)

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The Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve has a lot to offer to our migratory water birds, especially during migratory passages. Let’s witness that phenomenon with 200,000 birds passing through this stopover, while we meet, share and prepare our new year workplan. Certainly we will became inspired by the action around.

Visitor centre building

We will manage to have free time to get to know the cork oak forest (of more than 6000 ha), vineyards, and the Lusitano horse stud that belongs to the same farm company that owns EVOA – Companhia das Lezírias. Crossing the Tagus Estuary will be another high point of our programme, helping our participants understand the biggest environmental issues around one of Europe’s ten most important wetlands!

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