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Last updated: February 14th, 2023

Oualidia Ecological Information Centre

The Ecological Information Centre of Oualidia continues to organise its awareness-raising activities on migratory birds, Moroccan wetlands, their heritage and their socio-economic importance.

During this year 2022, the centre welcomed more than 1100 visitors: pupils, including 17 schools with their teachers, parents' organisations, students in addition to Moroccan and foreign tourists.

These visitors benefited from educational workshops on the Sidi Moussa Oualidia lagoon complex; the ecological and economical values of the lagoon; the migration of birds... and guided field trips for bird watching.

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The celebration of the World Wetlands Day 2022

For the World Wetlands Day 2022, GREPOM with the regional unit of Casablanca-Settat organised in the centre, on 24 and 25 February 2022, awareness raising activities on the importance of the Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex and practical workshops for children.

These activities focused on the sustainable management of the Sidi Moussa - Oualidia lagoon complex; the biodiversity enhancement of this Ramsar site and its role in the establishment of a sustainable tourism activity.

The World Wetlands Day 2022 celebration programme included various practical workshops for school children. On this occasion, the centre received more than 160 pupils from the region, all of whom benefited from the full range of our thematic workshops:

  • Construction of nest boxes
  • Construction of stork nests
  • Drawing and colouring workshops
  • Bird study and observation, bird migration, and the workshop on wetlands: functions, threats and solutions.

These workshops resulted in "up to standard" creations by the little hands of artists and future defenders of birds and their habitats.

The event ended with a birdwatching session of the Oualidia lagoon complex. A session marked by captures by our ornithologists and amateurs of ‘Grepomist’ birds, and discoveries by the new explorers.

The ‘Grepomists’, and the participants, recaptured the natural energy of the explored wetland, an energy full of hope for the continued resilience of the Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex.

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Spring Alive Programme

In the year's theme "CITIZENSHIP SCIENCE FOR BIRDS" context, the centre organised two workshops for the benefit of 72 students and their teachers from the AL-Mostakbal school. School adjacent to the Oualidia lagoon.

The pupils benefited from an educational workshop on bird watching and a workshop on making binoculars and telescopes.

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Summer awareness campaign

During the summer period of this year, GREPOM carried out a series of awareness-raising activities (beach radio, quizzes and games, distribution of flyers, presentations, animations...) on the protection of wetlands, within the centre and on the beach of Oualidia for the benefit of summer visitors.

These activities were carried out by two interns supervised by GREPOM. The operation of the centre was possible thanks to the contribution of several donors: BirdLife Netherlands (VBN); Tour du Valat; AFD; FFEM

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