Garden for the attraction and conservation of pollinators

Thank you to the pupils and teachers of Liceo Taller San Miguel, who share their different World Wetlands Day 2024 activities.

We celebrate the World Wetlands Day by building a garden in favor of the attraction and conservation of pollinators, among which we can find the Monarch butterfly, a species that in our zone is found in the red book of endangered species, due to the loss of their host plant. This plant has been located in places far apart from the school, and is now thriving, leading to the reproduction of the Monarch butterflies are. We see them happy in DANAPURE, their new habitat.

Danapure WWD 2024 parents and children K5 walk montage 1

Separately, we went on an expedition with all of the K5 children and their families throughout our wetland’s walking paths, with the objective of nurturing their observational skills and scientific thought. We found in our trail a great variety of insects and, with much enthusiasm, howler monkeys received us. It was a beautiful moment where we were in contact with nature.

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