Celebrating your connection to the Convention on Wetlands

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Last updated: April 18th, 2024

Every country within the Convention on Wetlands has two official roles which connect people like you, carrying out wetland education, to the national government and the wetlands COP (Conference of the Parties). These roles are National Focal Points for CEPA (Communications, Capacity, Education, Participation, Awareness); one in a government role, one non-governmental. 

WLI members and the Head of the network have worked with the Convention on Wetlands to welcome new Focal Points with their wisdom and enthusiasm. Chris Rostron coordinated and presented two webinars with the Conventions, on 3 April, especially for CEPA Focal Points. Amy Lecciones, Chris Prietto, and Felipe Velasco all gave practical and enthusiastic presentations, as did friends of WLI Agatha Chisha, Denis Berlemont, and Ritesh Kumar. Thank you all!  

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The webinar was held twice, to account for different languages and timezones. The Convention has shared a recording on their website; you can chose English, French, or Spanish interpretation by changing the website language in the top-right of the screen.

How to use this 

Working as you do in wetland CEPA, you may be approached to take on the role of CEPA National Focal Point, representing either the national government or NGOs. If so, please watch the webinar, and feel free to approach Chris Rostron for advice. He fills the NGO role for the UK and chairs the CEPA Oversight Panel of the Convention on Wetlands.
On the other hand, your government may appoint a Focal Point who would welcome the guidance and support. Share the webinar with them!

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