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Wetland Nordre Øyeren

Name of organisation: Fetsund Lenser

Funding support: Governmental and own income

Number of staff: 2 biologists and several staff in the cafe

Number of visitors per year: 50.000 visits Fetsund Lenser every year and many of these visit our wetland centre as well.

Overall aims of the centre

Our overall aim is to get children of all ages interested in nature, especially wetlands, and enjoy nature which in turn hopefully will turn them into guardians of our nature and contribute to its future protection.

Description of the centre

Our award-winning visitor centre is a 300 m2 building filled with exhibitions (lots of interactivity for children), a café and a small shop for the visitor. The main focus in the exhibitions is regional nature and wetlands. The wetland centre is open every weekend all year and also during some holidays and through the summertime.

The centre lies on the threshold to the third biggest ramsar site in Norway and has a beautiful view into the Northern Europe’s largest inland delta. The visitor centre has beautiful surroundings and a walk path following the river through a nationally protected timber floating site (Fetsund Lenser).

Our centre has approximately 30.000 visitors per year and around 3.000 children are joining our education programs each year.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Our wetland centre has participated in the work of a national CEPA action plan for Norway. We have several education programs for children of all ages
Raising awareness around non-native plants threatening our native plants and engaging people in participation in the fight against this threat to our ecosystems.
Creating exhibitions of topics regarding nature and wetlands

Activity days for families

Celebrating world wetland day the 2nd of February and the Nordic-baltic wetland day the 2nd of Sept.

Other information

Our award-winning visitor centre is lying on the threshold of the third biggest ramsar site in Norway – Nordre Øyeren nature reserve – which is the biggest inland-delta in Northern Europe. The area is internationally important migration site for shorebirds, ducks, geese and swans. T

his is the richest lake in Norway regarding fish with its 25 different species. 325 plants are found, many of them are rare and endangered, and especially many water-plants are found. The area is also rich in other wildlife and insects. The site is an important wintering area for Whooper Swans.


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage; site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre; Running a visitor centre


Working with disabled people; Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials


PR and marketing; Running effective administration; Health and safety; Fund-raising; Project planning


Fetsund lenser,

Visitor Centre Wetland Nordre Øyeren,

Lenseveien 24,

1900 Fetsund,


+47 40456799


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