Tanji Bird Reserve






East Atlantic flyway


Migratory Birds for People


Name of organisation

Tanji Bird Reseve

Funding support

Basically Projects

Number of staff


Number of visitors per year

1500 – 2000

Overall aims of the centre

Raise awareness on sea birds, migratory species and breeding colonies with other important park rules.

Other Information: The Centre is below standard because there is no allocated park fund to built it to standard and does not have adequate equipment and facilities. The wetland information center is very suitable for suitable Tanji Bird Reserve which has the only breeding colony in the Gambia (despite the erosion taking place as a result of Sea level rise it still remain as one of the must important breeding sites for Palearctic migrant birds). Also annual waterbird census is conducted on the Islands.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

Community out reach workshop (fisherfolk) on competition on resources and rules prohibiting fishing close to offshore islands(Non fishing Zones),giving information on breeding season and also reducing impact on other sea mammals (marine turtles).

Top three successes

Top three successes: Workshops to raise community participation in Management of projects such as Gambia Biodiversity Management and Institutional Strengthening, ICAM II and Small pelagic conservation with the critical sites under RAMPAO.

Top three challenges

Lack of adequate funding support for wider coverage and unsustainability of projects and non media coverage such as use of TV and Radio Shows and lack of adequate interpretation signs,brochures and printed items for education and visitor information.


Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre; Managing / creating habitat;  Building / maintaining structures


Engaging young people; Engaging the local community


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; Health and safety;


Name: Nuha Jammeh

Address: Jammeh, Department of Parks and wildlife (NFP- AEWA), The Gambia

Mail: jerrehkiang@gmail.com

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