About WLI

What is WLI?

Wetland Link International is a global network of wetland education centres. We define a wetland education centre as ‘any wetland where there is interaction between people and wildlife and CEPA (communications, education and public awareness) activity occurs in support of wetland conservation aims’.

WLI objectives include:

  • To advocate for, and assist in, the development of new wetland education centres and their associated programmes throughout the world.
  • To improve the effectiveness of operations at wetland education centres through sharing, training and expertise exchange.
  • To lobby for the greater inclusion of CEPA programmes within wetlands and related conservation initiatives and instruments, and to support the development of frameworks for subsequent implementation at national, regional and global levels.

Who is it for?

WLI is open to any organisation, group or individual who is planning, designing or operating a place or places where there is interaction between people and wetlands, especially wetland life, with an educational and/or interpretative objective.

Members may be government or non-government, professional or amateur, paid or voluntary. Anyone who needs, or can share, practical advice on activities related to the core activities of WLI is welcome to join the network.

The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (through a memorandum of understanding) and coordinated by WWT.

You can share or read this introductory presentation.

Our history

In 1991, WLI was created by WWT with a core group of founder organisations – wetland centres from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Trinidad, USA, Singapore, France and Italy, many of whom are still active members today.

We did this to meet a need for wetland centres to share best practice, provide moral support to each other, and to develop the approach of using on-site wetland education and awareness-raising activities. We believe the best way to learn about wetlands is to experience them!

WLI has been recognised as an important delivery mechanism for the Ramsar Convention’s Outreach Programme (Resolution V11.9).

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