Chris Rostron

WLI at Grand Lieu WWD 2022

By Chris Rostron / 1st February 2022

Audrey Cadou on WWD 2022 cr: La Maison du Lac de Grand-Lieu Thirteen students from the middle school Albert Vinçon, located in Saint-Nazaire went to the Maison du Lac de Grand Lieu. They started with an introduction of the day by a video call in English with Chris Rostron, who presented several topics including WLI,…

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WLI at the 11th INTECOL Wetland Conference

By Chris Rostron / 18th October 2021

WLI’s Chris Rostron attend (virtually!) the 11th INTECOL wetland conference, hosted by New Zealand partners. He actively participated in sessions on how to engage people in wetland conservation, the pros and cons of citizen science (featuring a recently published survey on the state of the world’s wetlands that we co-authored), a workshop on developing a…

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Bees, the great polinators!

By Chris Rostron / 20th August 2021

After a year away from our wetland, we discovered a great surprise today. The artificial habitat that was built to conserve species of insects such as bees is now being used by several species, and we are going to use this to start a new project to study them. The peace and quiet that they…

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9th Asia Wetland Symposium, June 2021

By Chris Rostron / 6th April 2021
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DANAPURE World Wetlands Day 2021, Colombia

By Chris Rostron / 19th February 2021

Every drop that springs from the wetland serves to renew our commitment to the planet. The students were not present at our celebration, but they contributed ideas from home to identify the place, which shows in a natural way the importance of insects such as ants and butterflies in the conservation of wetland ecosystems. We…

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UKUMARI Dia Mundial de los Humedales

UKUMARI World Wetlands Day

By Chris Rostron / 19th February 2021

For the celebration of World Wetlands Day, the subject of study with the visitors was Climate Change, highlighting the importance of wetlands in controlling the increase in temperature and conserving life.We celebrated with the visitors and especially with the children, for whom we prepared a presentation of plays inviting our wetland animals as characters, we…

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Group of women with WLI cert

UKUMARI biopark, new WLI member

By Chris Rostron / 14th January 2021

“UKUMARI Park was created 5 years ago as a Biopark whose mission is the conservation of biodiversity, with clear objectives of environmental education, research, conservation, animal welfare and sustainability. It covers an area of 44.5 hectares, in a tropical dry forest zone to promote natural tourism and encourage a positive impact on the issue of…

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EAAFP flyway youth forum 2020

By Chris Rostron / 2nd November 2020

This event is by and for young people, aged 18-30, who are passionate about birds and wetlands along the East Asian Australasian flyway and beyond. Two sets of virtual meetings will take place late November and early December, and the deadline for registration is the 30th October, so be quick! ​Sign up for your chance…

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MBP Annual Meeting 2020

By Chris Rostron / 7th October 2020

Our East Atlantic Flyway initiative, Migratory Birds for People, will hold an online annual meeting on 12 November 2020. Since we cannot travel to a member visitor centre to meet in person, we will have a different format but still meet the core needs of the network as best as the internet can offer. So,…

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Logo of Wetland Link International

How COVID has affected your work: survey findings

By Chris Rostron / 23rd September 2020

In August, we asked WLI members how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected their work. Twenty-three responded. There is some bad news about colleagues losing their jobs, with this affecting 13 % of thge centres that responded. Forty-eight percent of the wetland centres are fully open; 26 % open in a limited capacity, and 26 %…

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