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Zoom call from the WMBD 2023 birds and schools project

World Migratory Bird Day 2023 – Birds and Schools Americas

By Chris Rostron / 17th October 2023

On Thursday the 12th October we got together with Environment for the Americas and schools from Argentina and El Salvador, to share their experiences of World Migratory Bird Day, on the theme of Water. It was a great session and we heard how students had worked to create interpretative dance, social media campaigns, artwork and…

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Chris Rostron speaks at 2nd Mayoral Roundtable for wetland cities, Amiens, France June 2023

2nd Mayoral Wetland City Meeting, 2023

By Chris Rostron / 12th June 2023

The Ramsar Wetland City Accreditation scheme recognises cities that are doing great things for internationally important wetlands. It’s part of the Convention on Wetlands, and offers the chance to reach large urban populations to raise awareness of wetlands, incorporate wetland-friendly urban initiatives (like SuDS), and take action for existing wetlands. Chris Rostron and Alex Hughes,…

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World Migratory Bird Day 2023 Americas

Birds and Schools for World Migratory Bird Day 2023

By Chris Rostron / 15th May 2023

The WLI team worked with partners to host webinars between schools and wetland centres in two flyways in May 2023. To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, we again activated our Connecting Birds and Schools programme. Ibrahim Hama led a call in French with Biodiversum Remerschen and two schools in Senegal. Connor Walsh connected WWT Castle…

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WWT becomes CEPA expert to AEWA

By Chris Rostron / 10th October 2022

At the African Eurasian Water Agreement eighth meeting of the parties (AEWA MOP8) in Budapest 27-30 October, it was agreed that WWT’s Chris Rostron (second from left, above) would become the new CEPA expert to the Technical Committee, providing advice and support to develop this area of work. This will build on what we are…

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WLI visit to South Korea

By Chris Rostron / 26th May 2022

Chris Rostron, WLI Global and colleagues from WWT visited South Korea with the East Asia Australasia Flyway Partnership from 16-22 June 2022 to advise on wetlands at Hwaseong, including opportunities for a new wetland centre. The team also visited Gochang Wetland Centre, a WLI member, see photo above with the centre manager Mr Jung and…

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WLI at Grand Lieu WWD 2022

By Chris Rostron / 1st February 2022

Audrey Cadou on WWD 2022 cr: La Maison du Lac de Grand-Lieu Thirteen students from the middle school Albert Vinçon, located in Saint-Nazaire went to the Maison du Lac de Grand Lieu. They started with an introduction of the day by a video call in English with Chris Rostron, who presented several topics including WLI,…

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WLI at the 11th INTECOL Wetland Conference

By Chris Rostron / 18th October 2021

WLI’s Chris Rostron attend (virtually!) the 11th INTECOL wetland conference, hosted by New Zealand partners. He actively participated in sessions on how to engage people in wetland conservation, the pros and cons of citizen science (featuring a recently published survey on the state of the world’s wetlands that we co-authored), a workshop on developing a…

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Bees, the great polinators!

By Chris Rostron / 20th August 2021

After a year away from our wetland, we discovered a great surprise today. The artificial habitat that was built to conserve species of insects such as bees is now being used by several species, and we are going to use this to start a new project to study them. The peace and quiet that they…

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9th Asia Wetland Symposium, June 2021

By Chris Rostron / 6th April 2021
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DANAPURE World Wetlands Day 2021, Colombia

By Chris Rostron / 19th February 2021

Every drop that springs from the wetland serves to renew our commitment to the planet. The students were not present at our celebration, but they contributed ideas from home to identify the place, which shows in a natural way the importance of insects such as ants and butterflies in the conservation of wetland ecosystems. We…

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