Samaneh Azizi

Colombian National Amphibians Day

By Samaneh Azizi / 28th May 2019

NATIONAL   AMPHIBIANS DAY We celebrate this important day from our DANAPURE wetland with a call for the  conservation of amphibians, especially those that are in danger of extinction and remember that they are necessary for the balance of vital ecosystems in planet´s life

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May 22nd, International Day of Biological Diversity

By Samaneh Azizi / 28th May 2019

DANAPURE Wetland – Colombia With the students, we have been observing the microscopic Biodiversity in drops of water collected en our school streams and our wetland. We find a lot of life as protozoa, algae and some small arthropods, important for the balance of aquatic ecosystems, which are being affected by the pollution related to…

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Photos: Be the solution to plastic pollution

By Samaneh Azizi / 2nd May 2019

Wetland centres and educators have taken the lead against plastic pollution. As World Migratory Bird Day 2019 asks everyone to be the solution to plastic pollution, we look at how WLI members have been playing their part. Sandspit beach- Karachi, 2007 Back in 2007, locals cleaned up Sandspit beach in Paksitan, inspired by its most famous…

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School wetland guides, Colombia

By Samaneh Azizi / 17th April 2019

What a great school, that trains you to become a wetland guide! Danapure, the Liceo Taller San Miguel in Colombia has taught a bunch of kids so well that they have all earned certificates. They write: Today we become Wetland Guides. We are happy to make this dream come true thanks to our DANAPURE Wetland,…

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Russia comes to WWT Slimbridge

By Samaneh Azizi / 5th April 2019

Our long-time colleagues Eugene Genelt-Yanovskiy and Yulia Danilova of the Baltic Fund for Nature visited us at WWT Slimbridge, UK, and took a look at our new exhibit, a replica of a tundra research station. WWT’s historic work with migratory birds included sending out scientists to the Arctic tundra, and we have re-created a research…

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EU-China NGO Twinning program 2019 deadline

By Samaneh Azizi / 27th March 2019

Wetland centre staff in China and Europe may be interested in a direct exchange, just like the Mangrove Conservation Foundation (MCF) and Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) did last year. The EU-China NGO Twinning Exchange Program supported one-month work trips for WLI’s Chris Rostron in China and MCF’s Chen Qing in the UK . The scheme…

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Examining a reedbed

Students start measuring climate change at wetland centres

By Samaneh Azizi / 26th March 2019

Our Erasmus+ project Biowet has brought young people together and started gathering data! Pupils from Dokka High School in Norway went to the UK to meet long-term volunteers from EVOA in Portugal. The host for this visit was WWT’s wetland centre at Martin Mere, and the young placement students based there took a leadership role…

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WLI Bulletin March 2019

By Samaneh Azizi / 21st March 2019

Please see our WLI Update March 2019 for the latest WLI stories, looking at seagrass education in Malaysia, environmental therepy for diverse populations in Trinidad and Tobago; the Biowet project bringing European high-schoolers together to assess climate change; the concept behind a natural playground in Canada; and feeding sea-eagles in Sweden. We also mark the…

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WLI internship 2019/2020

By Samaneh Azizi / 15th March 2019

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust hosts the Wetland Link International (WLI) initiative, a support network for those working in wetland centres that deliver CEPA activities (Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness) at wetland sites. The network has over 300 members, and forms part of Ramsar’s CEPA programme, as well as working with many leading wetland conservation…

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Informatiecentrum Uitkerkse Polder

By Samaneh Azizi / 11th March 2019

Something is breeding in the Uitkerkse Polder! Young nature lovers be prepared! Even this spring, the visitor centre Uitkerkse Polder offers pure fun, with brand new spaces to play in nature. Discover the “Kievit” (=Lapwing) nature play area and the “Kievitspad” nature experience trail. The play area has the shape of a flying lapwing from…

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