30th Anniversary

Kid on lake

30 Ideas: Communicating a wetland’s cultural history

By Connor Walsh / 21st June 2021

See all 30 Ideas Title: Communicating a wetland’s cultural history Description: the Dokka delta in the lake Randsfjorden, Norway, is a Ramsar site with special protection as a nature reserve. Each year I take school children out in a boat and explain that what they are in fact seeing is a cultural landscape. We look…

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Ben Hren profile photo

30 Years of WLI: Ben Hren

By Connor Walsh / 17th June 2021

As a sustainability educator, providing transformative learning opportunities is the holy grail of professional practice. But recognising a transformative learning experience is not typically possible in the moment. As a young adult learner, I was fortunate to have had a number of important transformative experiences, but it is only now as a mature practitioner that…

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Ramsar poster on easel

30 Ideas: Educational signage

By Connor Walsh / 21st April 2021

See all 30 Ideas Title: Educational signage Description: At Lekki Conservation Centre, charts about different emerging environmental issues are printed as stickers and pasted on a wooden stand around the hall of the welcome center. This is a form of awareness creation to visitors to the park while waiting to access the reserve. Learning and…

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child cutting out wetland shapes

30 Ideas: Wetland materials for young children from Putú

By Connor Walsh / 18th April 2021

See all 30 Ideas Description: The idea was to design and develop types of environmental interpretation, taking into account the audience and use of the material, either in the classroom or in the field. Biodiversity information is included in these materials as well as reference to the delivery of the management plan for the Nature…

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Three boys with binoculars

30 Ideas: Junior Bird Clubs

By Connor Walsh / 1st April 2021

See all 30 Ideas Title: Junior Bird Clubs Description: Our Centre manager formed a relationship with a community after-care programme and initiated weekly meetings with the group’s children – a junior bird club was formed. At these weekly meetings, the children are introduced to the world of birds. They interact with various activities and lessons…

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Kids and indigenous guide

30 Ideas: Noongar Language Sign, Plants and Animals of Lake Mealup

By Connor Walsh / 31st March 2021

See all 30 Ideas Title: Noongar Language Sign: Plants and Animals of Lake Mealup Description:In the Ramsar-listed Peel-Yalgorup wetlands system in Western Australia, indigenous leader George Walley from Mandjoogoordap Dreaming and specialist teacher Lee-Anne Walley from Greenfields Primary School worked together with Peel-Harvey Catchment Council to develop a sign and education resources translating the plants…

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Molly Gaskin with a duck

Profile: Molly Gaskin

By Connor Walsh / 26th March 2021

In 1987, Molly Gaskin was awarded the Hummingbird Gold Medal for her commitment to environmental education in Trinidad and Tobago. Together with Karilyn Shephard – the Vice-President of the Wildfowl Trust – Gaskin pioneered the hands-on programmes for schools that focussed on educating persons of all ages about local wetland habitats and medicinal plants. Photo…

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Hands holding monarch butterfly on yellow bush with tiny tag

30 Ideas: Monarch Ambassadors, Helping to Answer the Questions

By Connor Walsh / 22nd March 2021

See all 30 Ideas Title: Monarch Ambassadors, Helping to Answer the Questions. Description: To better answer questions about Cape May County’s specific role in the East Coast migration of Monarch butterflies, the Monarch Monitoring Project trained a group of Monarch Ambassadors at The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, USA. The Monarch Ambassadors measure…

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People releasing flamingo

WLI Bulletin March 2021

By Connor Walsh / 18th March 2021

Download PDF WLI World March 2021 Issue 23 of WLI World is the first you can both download as PDF and also view directly on the website. Open each story by tapping on its title. Welcome Expand Welcome to the WLI World Bulletin for March 2021. In the PDF printable version, you may may notice…

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Spray bottle of green liquid

30 Ideas: bug repellent station

By Connor Walsh / 14th March 2021

See all 30 Ideas Title: bug spray station Description: Mosquitos and other bugs can deter people from visiting wetland centres. Some repellent can be harmful to freshwater systems. Therefore, at Futian Mangrove Ecological Park in Shenzhen, China, visitors are encouraged to apply repellent at the park entrance. Applying repellent at the park entrance but not…

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