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Ramsar Americas team visits Slimbridge

Ramsar’s senior regional representative for the America’s, Maria Rivera, and her colleagues Sophia and Sara visited Slimbridge and the London Wetland Centre, the first time that Maria has been to the UK! She met with the Head of WLI as well as with WWT Consulting, and was

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ABC Tota – the first virtual visitor centre!

ABC Tota is the new virtual Wetland Centre for Lake Tota in Colombia, just launched by the Fundación Montecito. Lake Tota, “the lake in the clouds”, is the largest lake in the country located 3,015 m high in the tropical Andes. So far this is an online

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US-Russia Wetland Centre Exchange

Bird watching at Cape May

The final workshop for our Russian-US wetland centre exchange programme took place 19th to the 21st October, at The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbour, New Jersey, US. Three WLI member centres from the US and three from Russia exchanged staff, to spend time learning about how each other

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US-Russia exchange visit No. 3 – Khakassky

Khakassky Visitor Centre

On June 14-20, Director Katrina Moyna and Board Member Scott Boylen from the Driftless Area Wetlands Centre in Marquette, Iowa, visited Khakassky State Nature Reserve near Abakan, Russia, as part of the Russia-USA Wetland Center Exchange Program. The Driftless Area Wetlands Centre was one of three Wetland

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World Environment Day 2015

poème gagnante

The Pointe-a-Pierre wetland centre, Trinidad and Tobago, has made an excellent short video showing what they did for World Environment Day this year.  Bringing young people into the wetland to find out why it’s so important, encouraging them to take action to protect nature and running a

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Earth Day 2015 at the Liceo Taller San Miguel, Colombia

Earth Day 2015 at the Liceo Taller San Miguel, Colombia Biology students made posters by pasting photos to make a collage to raise awareness during Earth Day celebrations. They were allowed to do this using technology or handicraft tools as long as the background would show an important

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Ramsar Webinar, North America

Oak Hammock reserve

Have you ever wondered what role a specific wetland plays in the international scheme of things?  Does it have international significance?  What can be done to protect and promote its unique contributions?  If so, then you should attend this webinar on Ramsar in the US and Canada on

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WLI Latin America and the Caribbean

Salar del huasco, stream

Around 50 participants attended the recent Conference on Conservation of Wetlands in Latin America and the Caribbean, hosted by CEH (Centro de Estudios de Humedales) and WLI, in Pica, northern Chile.  The event was our first real opportunity to discuss the opportunities to expand the WLI network

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WLI in Colombia

Paramos frog

Lake Tota, the Paramos and wetland education Chris Rostron, Head of Wetland Link International (WLI) took a second trip this October to support colleagues at Lake Tota, in the highlands of Colombia, the largest and highest lake in the country, but unprotected and under threat from pollution

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Danapure celebrates the ozone layer

Imagén de la capa de ozono

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Danapure Wetland, Colombia Our students celebrated the world ozone day with hours of research in the DANAPURE remembering that 27 years ago the first international agreement was signed for its conservation. The children shared their knowledge with other

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The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.


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