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First US wetland centre visits Russia

US-Russia exchange colleauges

  As part of the US – Russia wetland centre exchange programme, funded through US Peer to Peer initiative, our first exchange of staff took place from 19 to 25 April 2015.  Two American colleagues from The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor (New Jersey) visited the national Park “Smolensk

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Birding Rally “Geese and Swans – 2015”, Smolensk Lakeland, Russia

Dmitri Belyaev and certificates

Only on 4th of May could the birds of Smolensk Lakeland breathe easy. For three days before that, their life has been under the cameras of birding rally participants “Geese and swans-2015.” This special event was organized by the NGO “Birds and People” and our national park.

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MBP Annual Meet 2014

MBP annual meet, 2014 This year our colleagues at the Centre de Découverte de Scamandre hosted the annual MBP meeting at their wetland centre, home to flamingos, Camargue ponies and cattle, and part of a huge wetland complex in the region.  The meeting gave us the opportunity to

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Smolensk and WLI Russia event, October 2014

For those involved in WLI Russia, you may be interested in attending the event planned for the 24th and 25th of October 2014.  Smolensk are launching their newly refurbished centre, and taking the opportunity to discuss how the WLI Russia network can develop with key partners.  To

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MBP annual meet 2014

The 2014 annual meeting of the MBP (Migratory Birds for People) initiative will take place from the 14th to the 17th of September in the Camargue, southern France.  The Centre de Découverte de Scamandre will kindly host the meeting, providing accommodation and meeting venue, as well as

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Earth Day Celebrations in Russia

Earth Day celebration in Khakassia The Khakassky reserve took part in organizing events for Earth Day, Russia’s largest environmental holiday, held in the city of Abakan, Shirinsky and Tashtypsky districts.  National Earth Day in Khakassia, called Chir Ine, has been celebrated every year on April 22nd since

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Sweden – Senegal partnership

Naturum Getterön fund-raises for Senegal During our environmentally-friendly Christmas market in December we raised USD 668 for bird conservation in Senegal (Association Nature Communautés Développement (NCD); – in cooperation with Wetlands International and our local nature conservation organization Naturskyddsföreningen i Varberg. The funds will be used

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The second ornithological expedition to the Federal Zoological Reserve «Remdovsky»

Under the framework of  the transboundary territories studies and as part of the preparation of the Atlas “Nesting Birds of European Russia” the second ornithological expedition to the Federal Zoological Reserve “Remdovsky” has been held in Pskov region. The Federal Zoological Reserve «Remdovsky» is located on the territory of

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Russian wetland centre seminar and workshop – May 2013

Two workshops held in Russia in early May offered a great opportunity to build the network of wetland centres, provide training, and support partners (particularly Wetlands International) in developing a Russian regional CEPA action plan. The first workshop of 13 participants from wetland centres, protected areas and

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Russia presentations, Park of Birds, Moscow

Here are the presentations from the Wetlands International / WLI seminar at the Park of Birds, Kaluga Region, Moscow.  These are PDF versions of the originals.  For more information on any of them, please contact us at or use the contact details provided on the presentation. 

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