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Volunteers for Birds and People

Volunteering Opportunity for Birds and People, Russia NGO ‘Birds& People’ is inviting volunteers to participate in ecological school ‘Wetland keepers’ which will be held on 1-7 August 2014, in the village Bentsy of Zapadnodvinskiy district of Tverkaya oblast, Russia.  The aims of the school are to train students and

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Khakassia anti-wildfire campaign

Khakassia is under threat from wildfire Wildfires are most likely to happen in spring when snow covering the ground melts away, and fall when leaves turn yellow and dry up. Usually man is guilty: farmers use fire to clear the stubble, cattle-breeders encourage the grass to grow

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Russian news from Birds and People

For some more information on what the Russian Birds and People organisation are up to, please see their link.  They are working on the trans-boundary wetland conservation project in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine, including plans for designation of wetland sites as Ramsar sites or IBAs (important bird

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The second ornithological expedition to the Federal Zoological Reserve «Remdovsky»

Under the framework of  the transboundary territories studies and as part of the preparation of the Atlas “Nesting Birds of European Russia” the second ornithological expedition to the Federal Zoological Reserve “Remdovsky” has been held in Pskov region. The Federal Zoological Reserve «Remdovsky» is located on the territory of

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Science and Sustainability Conference

The Real World Learning Network is holding its next conference from the 28-30 November 2013 in Slovenia, looking at how to deliver successful outdoor education. There will be a focus on how to connect learners to their environment using science and promote sustainable behaviour change. Through keynote

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International Birds Day, Smolensk, Russia

On April 1st, the International Birds Day (in Russia this holiday is celebrated since 1927) students of the 7-8 forms of Przhevalskaya secondary school were told about rare birds living in the swamps and activities on the project «Preservation and restoration of rare birds species populations living

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Smolensk wetlands

For the first time in the National Park “Smolensk Lakelands” 20 year existence, 2012 saw the implementation of a major project to support nesting sites for wetland birds.  It was supported by WWF, and focuses on the conservation of populations of rare bird species in these major

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Cross-border wetlands conservation in the Polesie region of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

Transboundary project area

The border region of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine hosts one of Europe’s largest floodplain areas: the Polesie which covers more than 65,000 sqkm. The region is of immense value which makes is a cornerstone of a European network of conservation important areas. Almost all key larger mammals which are typical for

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ECOSAL conference on salt heritage and tourism

Are you interested in hearing the leatest developments in salt heritage and tourism? We are pleased to remind you that next 21-22 November the ECOSAL final conference will take place in Vitoria, Spain. We herewith include the conference programme. Attandance is free, but you need to register

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International Conference “The Wetlands of Central Asia and the Ramsar Convention”

International Conference “The Wetlands of Central Asia and the Ramsar Convention” 19 – 22 November 2012 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the accession of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, 1972), an international conference and workshop entitled “Wetlands of Central Asia and the

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