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BirdFlyway – Urdaibai Bird center

By Chris Rostron / 2nd June 2016

BirdFlyway is a nature tourism project that covers a network of European wetlands that have at least two elements in common: they have a visitor’s centre and they are located on the migration route of two well-known bird species, the goose and the osprey. The project is run by the Urdaibai Bird Center (Aranzadi Society…

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WLI Update, June 2016

By Chris Rostron / 2nd June 2016

WLI Update June 2016 New Partners New partners this month include two Russian wetland centres, the Nenetsky State Natural Reserve, and the Imeretinskaya Natural Ornithological Park. WLI internship programme We are still working to promote the WLI Internship Programme, open to suitable graduates / early career professionals who could lend support to the WLI programme,…

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Re-launching of Grange Nature centre

By Chris Rostron / 30th May 2016

The Grange Nature, maison de la nature du Pas-de-Calais reopened in March 2016, and recently inaugurated by the elected officials May 7, in the presence of M. Michel Dagbert, president of Pas de Calais department and Mme Emmanuelle Leveugle, President EDEN62 and other elected officials, State representatives. Grange Nature offers a recreational and educational adventure course…

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May 10th World Migratory Bird Day, Colombia

By Chris Rostron / 18th May 2016

Liceo Taller San Miguel-Colombia   Our celebration became a big party for several days. We watched videos that helped us understand the reasons why birds take the risk to go from one continent to another on their journeys; seeking to reproduce and protect their young. Children designed masks and performed rituals simulating birds’ flight. We really…

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World Water Day, 2016, Danapure, Colombia

By Chris Rostron / 28th March 2016

Taking a look towards forests because they depend on water to live; fungi, lychens and mosses were our celebration’s core, to understand that without them, these important ecosystems may disappear.

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bumper crop of new wetland centre partners

WLI update, March 2016

By Chris Rostron / 22nd March 2016

New Partners Welcome to our bumper crop of new wetland centre partners: Lake Izunuma-Uchinuma Sanctuary Center, and Fujimae Japan; Association Mwaka, DR Congo; Asamati, Macedonia; Polistovsky, Russia; Khabeki information Centre, Pakistan; and three centres through Asity, Madagascar. Migratory Birds for People Key partners Staatsbosbeheer are supporting development of a European Bid to develop the role…

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Delegates at Suncheon signing ceremony standing next to each other

WLI Asia MoU with Ramsar Regional Centre

By Chris Rostron / 17th March 2016

The Ramsar Regional Centre East Asia (RRC-EA) and WLI Global met in South Korea in early March 2016 to agree the role of the RRC-EA as WLI Asia Regional Coordinator.  The RRC-EA has also recently moved to a new office in Suncheon City, South Korea, and celebrated the new hosting arrangements at the same time as signing…

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Children, designed masks

World Wildlife Day – Liceo San Miguel, Colombia

By Chris Rostron / 15th March 2016

March 3rd. World Day for Wildlife, Liceo Taller San Miguel-Colombia With the project “SOS for the animal world,” students attended the invitation made ​​by the UN, calling on all citizens of the world to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife for different ecosystems on the planet and make sustainable development possible. Children, designed masks…

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Young researchers of nature in the Smolensk Lakeland

By Dmitri Belyaev / 7th January 2016

During the New Year holidays, the environmental school “Life of the Winter Forest” was organized in the ecological center “Baklanovo” of the Smolensk Poozerye National Park. In addition to the national park, in the conduct of classes, traditionally for such events, the non-profit partnership “Birds and People” participated. Despite the cold weather, children from Moscow,…

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Osprey flyway project, Urdaibai, Basque Country

By Dmitri Belyaev / 7th December 2015

The “Ospreys flyways linking communities” environmental education project has been organised in Urdaibai Bird Center for the second year in succession in collaboration with the Basque Government and the Provincial Administration of Bizkaia. This environmental education project about Ospreys allows students from different parts of the Basque Country and other countries share an educational experience…

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