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What WLI did in 2017

By Anna Lucey / 7th February 2017

  Migratory Birds Day, May 2017 Connecting Birds and Schools project. We facilitated 6 schools and wetland centres to take part, with a final skype conference call between three of the schools.   WLI internship: Our intern, Patricio Guerrero from Chile, started in June, replacing our previous intern Abdallah Khazene. Chilean exchange partners came to…

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montage of photos from WWD

Agusan Marsh celebrates World Wetlands Day

By Connor Walsh / 4th February 2017

During the World Wetlands Day in 2017, 60 selected high school students with their teachers from the 6 secondary public schools representing the 6 municipalities surrounding AMWS had participated in the Wetlands Tour to AMWS last February 7, 2017. The activity aims to raise awareness among the youth on the importance of AMWS being a…

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Tongli National Wetland Park World Wetland Day 2017

By Chris Rostron / 3rd February 2017

World Wetlands Day : Protect the wetlands, we are always taking action. The February 2nd of 2017 is the 21st World Wetlands Day, and we provided some excellent interactive experiences for kids and their parents in this day. We know that the most natural disasters originated from the water, such as flood and tsunami. As we are…

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WLI and Japan

By Chris Rostron / 21st December 2016

The WLI manager spent some time in Japan at the end of October attending a wetland NGO meeting and visited the Nakaikemi-shicchi wetland centre, south of Nagoya.  The wetland centre is based in a ‘perched bog’ habitat, located near Nagoya in central Japan, which had previously been farmed for rice production.  Subsequent management has seen a…

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bumper crop of new wetland centre partners

WLI update, March 2016

By Chris Rostron / 22nd March 2016

New Partners Welcome to our bumper crop of new wetland centre partners: Lake Izunuma-Uchinuma Sanctuary Center, and Fujimae Japan; Association Mwaka, DR Congo; Asamati, Macedonia; Polistovsky, Russia; Khabeki information Centre, Pakistan; and three centres through Asity, Madagascar. Migratory Birds for People Key partners Staatsbosbeheer are supporting development of a European Bid to develop the role…

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Delegates at Suncheon signing ceremony standing next to each other

WLI Asia MoU with Ramsar Regional Centre

By Chris Rostron / 17th March 2016

The Ramsar Regional Centre East Asia (RRC-EA) and WLI Global met in South Korea in early March 2016 to agree the role of the RRC-EA as WLI Asia Regional Coordinator.  The RRC-EA has also recently moved to a new office in Suncheon City, South Korea, and celebrated the new hosting arrangements at the same time as signing…

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5th WLI Asia Conference – Reminder!

By Chris Rostron / 28th July 2015

The 5th WLI Asia conference will be held at the Muruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand from the 24th to the 28th of August 2015.  The Conference offers an opportunity to share best practice, meet fellow wetland centre colleagues, learn about new resources and materials, and shape the WLI Asia network to serve you and your…

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WLI Update, June 2015

By Chris Rostron / 28th June 2015

Ramsar COP12 results The 12th Ramsar Conference took place from the 2nd to the 9th of June, and gave WWT the opportunity to become the 6th IOP (International Organisation Partner) as well as adopting an updated CEPA resolution, which includes several commitments to using wetland centres as a means to raising awareness of wetlands. The…

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WLI update, May 2015

By Chris Rostron / 30th May 2015

    New Partners  We have two new Russian partners, Kronotsky and Gydansky, welcome to the WLI network. Ramsar COP12 The 12th Ramsar Conference starts on Monday the 1st of June in Uruguay, bringing together many of the 168 signatory countries. It is an opportunity to revise progress of Ramsar, agree a new strategic plan and…

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WLI Update February 2015

By Chris Rostron / 23rd February 2015

WLI Update February 2015 New Partners Welcome to our new partners from: Chile, Agrupación Defensa y Conservación Maule Mataquito World Wetlands Day 2015, 2nd February 2015 Thanks to those of you that sent stories on World Wetlands Day 2015, on the theme wetlands are our future. There have been a lot of reports from centres…

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