WLI Asia

WLI Update, June 2015

By Chris Rostron / 28th June 2015

Ramsar COP12 results The 12th Ramsar Conference took place from the 2nd to the 9th of June, and gave WWT the opportunity to become the 6th IOP (International Organisation Partner) as well as adopting an updated CEPA resolution, which includes several commitments to using wetland centres as a means to raising awareness of wetlands. The…

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WLI update, May 2015

By Chris Rostron / 30th May 2015

    New Partners  We have two new Russian partners, Kronotsky and Gydansky, welcome to the WLI network. Ramsar COP12 The 12th Ramsar Conference starts on Monday the 1st of June in Uruguay, bringing together many of the 168 signatory countries. It is an opportunity to revise progress of Ramsar, agree a new strategic plan and…

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WLI Update February 2015

By Chris Rostron / 23rd February 2015

WLI Update February 2015 New Partners Welcome to our new partners from: Chile, Agrupación Defensa y Conservación Maule Mataquito World Wetlands Day 2015, 2nd February 2015 Thanks to those of you that sent stories on World Wetlands Day 2015, on the theme wetlands are our future. There have been a lot of reports from centres…

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WLI update October 2013

By Chris Rostron / 22nd October 2013

New Partners  WLI North America Last minute planning for the WLI North America Webinar is taking place, to be held on the 29th of October, with speakers from wetland centres across Canada and the US, a workshop on how to evaluate CEPA activities on site, and discussions about how to develop and take forward WLI…

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Birdwatching festival, Hong Kong

By Chris Rostron / 7th October 2012

As the winter advances, migratory birds in the north are embarking on a journey southward, waiting for us to greet them enthusiastically. Among the thousands of birds, some waterfowl with slender legs. They are elegant in shape, and they are more fascinating in every move. We will be quietly admiring, and it will be fascinating,…

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WLI Asia steering group, September 2012

By Chris Rostron / 1st October 2012

WLI Asia update, September 2012 Colleagues from Mai Po, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, KFEM South Korea and WLI global met to discuss the next steps for the WLI Asia network.  Plans are now developing for a WLI Asia meeting in Suncheon in April 2013, South Korea, and Mr Zi, Tzan-hyuk is…

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WLI Asia meet, September 2012

By Chris Rostron / 19th September 2012

Colleagues from Mai Po, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Sungei Buloh Nature Pari, KFEM South Korea and WLI global meet to discuss the next steps for the WLI Asia network.

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