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Spoonbills ringed on Terschelling, the Netherlands

The summer has begun and so the Waddensee is populated with birds. On Terschelling that is quite noticeable. Many migratory birds have settled to feed and rest. As has the spoonbill!  For the island it is a special and striking bird. In the early spring we wait

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Connecting Schools and Birds along the East Atlantic Flyway

Connecting Schools and Birds along the East Atlantic Flyway  Background: World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD) takes place every year in early May, to highlight the importance of supporting migration along flyways across the world.  It is coordinated by AEWA, the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (see links below).

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Mysterious mountains of mud, Salinas de San Pedro, Spain


The common flamingos are again standing next to some curious mud structures, leaving us a new question and an open door to hope.  They are small mountains of mud on water or sand, like a volcano that flamingos build with their peak for about 3 weeks. A few years ago

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Salt and shorebirds, Salinas de San Pedro, Spain

Salt mountain

More than a half of the species of shorebirds (called because they forage in the mud) , make a long migratory flights of thousands of kilometers each year. To do this they have an efficient inbuilt “GPS” allowing them to return to their wintering or breeding area. During

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“It´s SO good to be good”, Salinas de San Pedro, Spain

The salt flats of  the regional park landscapes have been the setting for many movies. The Municipal Palace of Baron Benifayó Museum allows us to capture much of the essence of San Pedro del Pinatar by scenes that have appeared on the big screen.  The beauty of the

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Osprey flyway project, Urdaibai, Basque Country

The “Ospreys flyways linking communities” environmental education project has been organised in Urdaibai Bird Center for the second year in succession in collaboration with the Basque Government and the Provincial Administration of Bizkaia. This environmental education project about Ospreys allows students from different parts of the Basque

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Pink footed geese at Martin Mere, UK

Pink footed goose

WWT and especially, WWT Martin Mere has a long history with the Icelandic Pink-footed geese (Anser brachyrynchus). These geese spend their summers breeding in the highlands of Iceland. However as the weather deteriorates and day lengths draw in, the geese leave their tundra oasis, to find winter

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Grazing Guilds, Denmark: Amager, Copenhagen

Выпас скота членами организации по выпасу

In the nature reserve “Amager” we have no less than 4 volunteer Guilds for grazing.  Three of them are with cows and one with sheep. We have got two new herds just this year. And it is the same message in the entire country that herds for

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Bid for EU Life Communication project?

The latest MBP core group meeting took place in the Oostvaardersplassen. One of the subjects was a joint project with possible LIFE funding. Partaker in the meeting was Wim van Hooff, expert in the field of European funding acquisition. He made unequivocally clear that LIFE funding starts

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Funding opportunity for “Migratory Birds for People” in progress……

Project: “The Black-tailed Godwit – King of the meadows” In the context of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018 a bid for an Erasmus grant is requested in which Staatsbosbeheer Terschelling also participates. The Godwit features as a symbol for the preservation of bio-cultural diversity in Europe. At our

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The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.

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