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Taunsa Wetland Centre, Pakistan

Actors representing the wildlife of the Indus

WWF Pakistan celebrated World Wetlands Day this year to help raise awareness of illegal wildlife trade with community participation. Theatre performance with professional actors enacted the river Indus with all its wildlife, then the impacts of hunters who are trapping birds and turtles.  This was followed by a

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WLI Korea

WLI Korea Group

After a long time discussing and preparing, WLI Korea was launched on World Wetlands Day, to provide support for wetland centres within the country.  The initiative is being lead by the KFEM (Friends of the Earth South Korea), and will be open to anyone running wetland education

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Flight of the Swans, Europe

Торжественное открытие проекта в Лондоне

Flight of the Swans, Europe  WWT’s record-breaking proposal to fly the migratory route of the Bewick’s swan by paramotor has been launched!  Partners gathered at the Royal Geographic Society in central London, 27th January, to celebrate (see picture, right, with paramotor in the background).  In September 2016, our colleague, Ms Sacha

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Young researchers in Smolensk Lakeland

During the Christmas holidays the ecological school “Life of the winter forest” was organized in the ecological center “Baklanovo,” National Park “Smolensk Lakeland”. In addition to the National Park, organization of the ecological school traditionally was attended by Non-Profit Partnership “Birds and people.” Despite the cold, guys

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Osprey flyway project, Urdaibai, Basque Country

The “Ospreys flyways linking communities” environmental education project has been organised in Urdaibai Bird Center for the second year in succession in collaboration with the Basque Government and the Provincial Administration of Bizkaia. This environmental education project about Ospreys allows students from different parts of the Basque

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Grazing Guilds, Denmark: Amager, Copenhagen

Выпас скота членами организации по выпасу

In the nature reserve “Amager” we have no less than 4 volunteer Guilds for grazing.  Three of them are with cows and one with sheep. We have got two new herds just this year. And it is the same message in the entire country that herds for

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Chilean visit to WWT Slimbridge

Пруд с фламинго

I had the good fortune of visiting Slimbridge this past November. The purpose of my visit was to understand in greater detail how a wetland centre works, how WWT has developed the wetland centre concept, what type of activities are carried out in order to give life

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New Russian natural reserve being created

Партнерство «Птицы и Люди» занимается подготовкой документации для создания заповедника,

NGO ‘Birds & People’ is taking part in making a new state natural reserve on Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Marshland (Boloto), which covers 1,5 million hectares – equal to a third of the territory of Denmark. Bolshoe Vasyuganskoye Marshland (Boloto) the biggest wetland system of the northern hemisphere, it accumulates 3-10 mln tons

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Autumn Ecological school “Wetland keepers”

Wetland keepers workshop, Smolensk

On 16-21 November Ecological school “Wetland keepers” was held in National Park “Smolenskoe poozerie”. It was organized by NGO ‘Birds& People’ and Department of ecological education of the National Park. The participants were the members of school forestry “Forest Guard” of Kovalev Technological College (Zapadnaya Dvina). The program

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Informal MBP West Africa meet

The African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) held its sixth Meeting of the Parties (MOP6) in Bonn, Germany, from the 9th to the 14th November, bringing together contracting parties to the treaty, as well as other NGOs and observers.  The Migratory Birds for People network (MBP, the East Atlantic version

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The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.

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