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Volunteers for Birds and People

Volunteering Opportunity for Birds and People, Russia NGO ‘Birds& People’ is inviting volunteers to participate in ecological school ‘Wetland keepers’ which will be held on 1-7 August 2014, in the village Bentsy of Zapadnodvinskiy district of Tverkaya oblast, Russia.  The aims of the school are to train students and

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Handbook on Best Practice

Manuel des Centres d'Education des Zones Humides

Handbook on Best Practices for the Planning, Design and Operation of Wetland Education Centres Whether you are thinking of creating a new wetland centre, converting your activities to include a wetland focus, or you already run a fully-fledged centre, this handbook contains everything you need to know about creating,

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Earth Day Celebrations in Russia

Earth Day celebration in Khakassia The Khakassky reserve took part in organizing events for Earth Day, Russia’s largest environmental holiday, held in the city of Abakan, Shirinsky and Tashtypsky districts.  National Earth Day in Khakassia, called Chir Ine, has been celebrated every year on April 22nd since

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Colombian School celebrates International Day for Biodiversity 2014

Liceo Taller San Miguel Pereira-Colombia The General Assembly of the United Nations designated the year 2014 as the International Year of Small developing island states. The Liceo Taller San Miguel Pereira, Colombia, joined in the celebration with an art exhibition by our school students to show the

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WLI Bulletin, April 2014

  Please click here for our WLI 6-monthly bulletin with stories from the US on satellite tracking of paddlefish at Caddo Lake and Creston Valley’s summer programme, very wet wetland walks in South Africa, celebrating World Migratory Birds Day in Singapore and site management challenges in Spain.  We hope you enjoy

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Khakassia anti-wildfire campaign

Khakassia is under threat from wildfire Wildfires are most likely to happen in spring when snow covering the ground melts away, and fall when leaves turn yellow and dry up. Usually man is guilty: farmers use fire to clear the stubble, cattle-breeders encourage the grass to grow

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WLI update April 2014

WLI Update April 2014 New Partners Azul Ambientalistas, Venezuela; Yauza Wetland Centre, Russia; Sorae Ecology Park, South Korea. Ingula wetland walk Colleagues at Ingula wetland centre got wet and celebrated World Wetlands Day in style! The South African wetland centre took 150 participants including colleagues from a

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International Water Day in Liceo Taller San Miguel, Colombia

Danapure Wetland, International Water Day in Liceo Taller San Miguel Pereira, Colombia Through their imaginations and beautiful drawings, our little second graders created messages of solidarity and called for responsibility in the use of water from their classmates and all of the educational community.  The children are

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WLI Update February 2014

WLI Update February 2014 New Partners  Creekside, London, UK; World Wetlands Day 2014 Check our website for news from WWD 2014, including stories of bird festivals in the UK, guided tours of wetland centres in Russia, and talks at the newly finished wetland centre in Baikka Beel,

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Tongli Wetland Centre, China

Tongli wetland park, 80km west of Shanghai, has recently been designated as a national park, and has big plans to become one of China’s growing number of National Wetland Parks.  The site sits between two large lakes, and currently consists of fish ponds, market gardens, a forested

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