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WLI Bulletin, September 2013

Please see our latest 9th WLI bulletin, including news from some case studies from Belarus and the new Suncheon International Wetland Centre, update on a new Wetland Centre Manual currently being developed, and news from Ramsar’s CEPA programme.

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WLI / EAAFP Joint Newsletter

We have worked with the East Asia Australasia Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) to produce a joint WLI EAAFP update, including news from wetland centres across the region that are delivering CEPA activites on site.

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Cleaning of Wetlands: Quebrada de Mirasol, Algarrobo, Chile

School Children at Ras al Khor

New Partners  Iwokrama, Guyana; WWF Bolivia; new website for Cap Tourment, Canada;  and the first wetland centre in the UAE, Ras al Khor. WLI North America Final call for the WLI North America workshop! The WLI N America steering group put together a stimulating programme on evaluating

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SuDS for Schools Project

SuDS for Schools Have you ever wondered… Where is all the rainwater flowing over hard surfaces such as school’s roofs and roads going? Is there anything we can do with it? An interesting project began in October 2011 in order to improve the health of streams and

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Papudo Agua Salada estuary project

The Kennedy Foundation for Wetlands Conservation, Chile, is now developing a proyect called “Conserving Agua Salada Wetland through Public Participation”.  This project was presented to the Ministry of the Environment in 2012 by Catalina Costa, who works as a volunteer for the Foundation, and the NGO received around US$10,000 which enables

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WLI update July 2013

WLI Update June 2013 New Partners  We have Greece’s first privately run wetland park, the Tethys Wetland Park; and also our first Portuguese wetland centre, EVOA; WLI North America The WLI N America steering group has put together a programme for a workshop in late October at

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Danapure wetland obtains “Blue Planet” National Award

The national ecology contest “Blue Planet” is one of the most important in Colombia and we are proud to inform you that our friends from Danapure wetland were awarded second place in the contest (June 7, 2013). The award was granted to them because of the efforts

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The wonderful world of the Fungi Kingdom

Biólogo y alumnos

An example of active community participation in the creation of knowledge The fungi that are found in the Danapure wetland  in Colombia called Roberth Lücking’s attention. Lücking is a German mycologist who works at the FIEL Museum in Chicago adn visited Liceo San Miguel in Colombia. He worked there together with Biana Moncada,

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WLI update May 2013

WLI Update May 2013 New Partners  International Crane Foundation, US; Urdaibai Bird Centre, Basque Country; Fujin Wetland Centre, China; WLI Russia In early May we took part in two successful workshops in Russia, see our website for more.  The first was held at Olonets, near Lagoda Lake,

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Uitkerkse Polder bird sightings

  Uitkerkse polder is an important stopover for migratory birds, in Belgium but near the border with the Netherlands.  It is owned and managed by Natuurpunt, a core partner for the MBP project.  This year, keen amateur bird watchers recorded spoonbills and black tailed godwits at the

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