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WLI News November 2012

New Members Danapure, Colombia, a wetland education resource at a primary school; Klamath WingWatchers, US, a local NGO running wetland education and conservation; MónNaturaDelta, Ebro Delta, Spain, a new centre in the famous Spanish wetland. WLI Russia Recently Wetlands International Russia have been working on their project to

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Migratory bird news 2012

Our global network is well-placed to observe migrations of birds (and other creatures of course!) during this change of seasons.  Wherever you are, if you have good pictures of migrations, please send them to the WLI coordinator and we will add them to the picture gallery below.

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Darwin Scholarship 2013

The Field Studies Council (UK) is offering places for those interested in doing their course on monitoring and communicating biodiversity, due to take place in the UK from the 20th to the 30th of August 2013.   They have 25 places, and some scholarships available for a limited

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WLI six-monthly update, September 2012

WLI Update September 2012 Here’s the WLI update September 2012 – with stories of a new wetland centres at Haifeng, China and Baikka Beel, Bangladesh; exchange visits between Australia and Bangladesh, and Chile and the UK; an update from the recent Ramsar COP11 meeting; and introducing Norway’s

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Baikka Beel, Bangladesh, seeks volunteeer

At present a visitor centre is under construction at Baikka Beel, North East Bangladesh, with a combination of USAID and Chevron support.  The Centre for Natural Resources Studies (CNRS, an NGO) is looking for a volunteer with graphic /art capability as well as wildlife/environment interests, who could

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Real World Learning Network

The Real World Learning Network is holding a European conference on Effective Learning Approaches to Outdoor Learning.  Outdoor learning is widespread across Europe, ranging from science through to sensory based learning. The conference will explore how to create successful outdoor learners. Through keynote speakers, workshops and forums the conference will

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WLI News, August 2012

WLI News, August 2012 New Members Since we’ve been updating the website, we have a backlog of new partners for you to see.  Take a look at: the Centro de Visitantes de Napo, Ecuador;  el Centro de Estudios de Humedales, Chile;  el Centro Nomades, Argentina;  the CoGeZoH at the ‘W’

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World Water Day

World Water Day is coming up on the 22nd of March, and this year’s theme is Water and Food Security, exploring the link between use of water for producing food.  Did you know that for a kilo of beef, around 15,000 litres of water are needed, whereas

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The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.


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